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#SubstanceOverHype Review: @zubzlastletta – Champion

#SubstanceOverHype Review: @zubzlastletta – Champion

Being a champion is on a bucket list of any overzealous, passionate, life driven and most importantly self-actualization encrusted in the DNA person. No better emcee than Zubz the Last Letter who is also affectionately referred to as the Golden Mic holder could have been picked to anoint your psyche with his infinite gemstones. The Grey Series LP vol.1 presented by Drop XVI and The Studio Next Door track number 5 is titled Champion.

The bursting of clouds with the mind of Professor Charles Xavier is what you are required to zoom into whilst an introductory mantra which is also a chorus of this 2-minute long track that is flavoured with insightful raps painted with artistic prowess and expression in a Conscious content form formula in hand. Hurdles may strike you with endless haymakers and have you dangling on the ropes whilst seeking to catch just a breather; the silver lining is your champion disposition will be unlocked by the inspirational rhymes that will fill up the vessel with positivity “We take the beating and soak up the shots/ Transform em like decepticons/ To a foundation we built our persistence on” just had an insanely ridiculous face reaction and head nodding that almost snapped my neck. The length of the verse is concise; however, it would be profanity to completely overlook the quality of precious stones drawing you to do the champion stance. Mananz’s production is too consecrated and words would not justify the incredible contribution to this psyche awakening song, the series of keys take one to a Champion church for a potent service.

Perhaps there’s a burning question ringing in your head “Who’s the champion? If you a champion then do the champion dance and zoom into the champion stance”

Rate: 4.3/5

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