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#SubstanceOverHype Review of @Blaklez – I have no one

#SubstanceOverHype Review of @Blaklez – I have no one

So picture a heartfelt song that addresses grave matters that plagues every member of society, most people would opt to perish in silence as that would be considered the easy way out. Well Cap City rhyme machine Blaklez had other ideas when he recorded I Have No One that’s produced by Silas Beats. Dropping visuals to this joint only make sense and that is exactly what you get to shed light upon on this review. The music video begins with a quote from the deceased American comedian and actor Robin Williams that appears on the screen with the inscription “No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world” which is an impeccable fit considering the fact that Robin committed suicide due to battling with depression and that is also part of the subject matter of this track.

There’s a close up of a cigarette well placed on an ashtray with alcohol and a half empty glass that allows a pessimist to detect a sombre mood as the colour is monochromatic with the setting taking place on a small patio. Cloning then transpires as Blaklez starts spitting his real life bars that are based on the negative thoughts that he is hurling towards his conscience, he did that cleverly with reflecting what the critics have been stating about him. He pours out apologies for his short comings and how he had potential of being crowned a top tier or a pop culture super star; however, things don’t pan out like that for those that are invested in taking the culture seriously in terms of music composition. “I'm sorry that I couldn't deal with the heart break/I'm sorry you couldn't find light in my dark phase/I'm dope so you need people like me/I'm Scarface, I'm sorry I'm disgusting What I spit got a sharp taste/” that is incredible writing with double entendres layered brilliantly. This video repels from being luminous as the poignant emotion is carried throughout even when his vocal inflection gets altered when he delivers the bars “Oh man this shit ain't even worth my time/I swear to God you people ain't even worth my rhymes/Where was God when the devil tried to hurt my mind/I carry my people so much that it hurt my spine/” which you could tell he is emancipating what he as an artist has also been harbouring for quite some time now. This is no typical Rap music video that flights daily on your music channel thanks to accurate visual direction from Muzi Moholo, Gift Lesufi and Reba Shai.

This is definitely substance over hype and this should be flooding social media and on heavy rotation on television. Thanks to the internet the video is out and as Slaghuis we got artists like Blaklez that touch on pivotal issues that are overlooked nowadays.

Rating: 4/5

So check the music video here and see for yourself.



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