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#FRESHFROMTHEGRILL: @Pontsho35 & @Tuxman_one present Fresh Tux Tailor Made mixtape.

#FRESHFROMTHEGRILL: @Pontsho35 & @Tuxman_one present Fresh Tux Tailor Made mixtape.

Back to the city is an annual Hip Hop festival that takes place on the 27th of April and when you look at your calendar you can tell that the date is fast approaching. There are a series of mixtapes that are released and another one finally dropped called Fresh Tux Tailor Made by yours truly Fresho and Tuxman.

Truth be told, this tape is star-studded with wordsmiths that are gifted with bonding intricate concepts with rhymes that are way above par. The contributors are all fiery, these are all names that raise eyebrows and they have been collecting respect with every verse immaculately laced. You should be familiar with the heavy spitters: Jimmy Wiz, Neo Sapien, Lyrical Sickness, Big Zulu, Testify, Lolo Vandal, One Shaman, Touchline, Captain, Dark Spark, Devious Dee, Saint Frederick, Nhati Kayi, Point Blank, Lulu and D.O.X.

So check out the Facebook post that contains a free download link and relish the mixtape.

Massive respects to the executive producers Fresho and Tuxman.

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