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#FRESHFROMTHEGRILL: @ProVerbMusic buys back the masters of his debut album

#FRESHFROMTHEGRILL: @ProVerbMusic buys back the masters of his debut album

Great news for the Hip Hop community is that the multitalented Pro Verb has managed to secure the masters of his debut classic album The Book Of Proverbs which was released back in 2005 under Outrageous Records. This album has stood the test of time and also managed to draw comparisons of the critically acclaimed Illmatic which is deemed the bible of Hip Hop, authored by Nas.

To take you back a bit just so you could grasp the pivotal role that this album has played in the movement and opened the floodgates for many rappers today. Producers that contributed to this masterpiece with their platinum touch includes Battle Kat, Nyambo formerly known as Nyambz and Stethoscope. Let’s not forget the only elite emcees that came to the party to help carve this album in the stars: Zubz and Stogie T (formerly known as Tumi).

Fast forward to over a decade later, the Professional Verbalist bought the masters back and he is currently in the studio to re-master the treasure. The culture is stoked and ready to cheer on a home-brewed Certified Classic. Check out Mr. Verb’s tweet below:

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