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#FreshFromTheGrill: @Infektist ft. @siya_shezi – Nakanjaaan II

#FreshFromTheGrill: @Infektist ft. @siya_shezi – Nakanjaaan II

A climatologist forewarned the globe about the heat wave that is here to efface the cold front which will only affect those who oppose the movement. The colour of your Monday is now a luminous shade courtesy of the R10 K winner Infektist from Zola and Siya Shezi the Jabulani native, they are here to inspire and win your ears Nakanjaaaan Part II.

It is a Speeka produced track so already the instrument is a stark masterpiece when it comes to rating individual brilliance. Now let’s get to chopping the tune’s material that will remind you of a legendary TKZee, Zola and Pro fused with adroit punch lines, a flow that is a faithful husband to a Kwaito offspring beat that is a compass to the two Kasi Rap heavyweights style of writing. The hook is delivered with high energy and chants from the crowd, this will most definitely move heads that are fond of top tier penmanship “with lines doper than coke” on the menu. The raps don’t fall short in inspiring you for a better tomorrow, whilst still maintaining a very high tempo with the intent to make you dance. “Zonke lezinto azepheli/You say you want the cheese man I want the whole diary/ Abantwana bangi pheti isigela ngi carry/” do you see how it wasn’t faulty at all to draw comparisons between the current talent making waves with legends that pioneered the lane. Infektist and Siya Shezi really made a sequel that surpasses all expectations with excellence. Now if this was football then you are watching two adept players in the same team working hand in hand plus distributing defense splitting passes which all lead to crucial goals and winning a continental trophy. This track leaves you highly motivated and births a resilient character helpful in reaching the summit of fortune. Towards the end you get a special treat from Bhut MaIntellekt politely asking for a feature if this track is ever extended to a part III, so Nakanjaaaan that has to happen even if Infektist doesn’t feel compelled.

This is a dope one from Soweto prominent spitters.

Rate: 4/5  

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